Vintage Computer Collection

As an ’80’s kid I cut my teeth on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (initially a 16K rubber keyboard and then moved onto a 48K+) whilst always wanting the connectivity of a Beeb. Later on in the 16-bit era of the late 80’s / early 90’s I moved up to a Atari 520 ST FM. In my later life I’m recreating and adding to that collection, basically playing with all the toys I couldn’t afford back then.

Acorn Machines
– BBC Model B+ 128k
– BBC Master 128k
– Econet L2 network (work in progress, including recreated socket boxes)
– Prism Modem 2000 1200/75 baud
– BBC Buggy
– DCP Interpack 1 I/O interface
– DataCentre-E external data centre
– 40 track 5.25″ floppy
– Raspberry Pi 3B+ based coprocessor
– Gotek running flashfloppy (work in progress)

– ZX 81(with ZXpand membrane and ZX8-ccb composite video)
– ZX 81 ZXpand+ SD card/sound interface
– ZX Printer
– ZX Spectrum 48k iss 3
– Currah uSpeech
– Spectranet ethernet interface
– Prism VTX5000 modem
– Maplin ZX Spectrum RS232 interface

Tandy Radio Shack (TRS 80)
– TRS80 Model 4
– 5 Meg Hard Drive
– Gotek external USB running flashfloppy
– TRS80 CoCo
 TRS 80 Model 100

– C64 Bread bin
– 1530 datassette C2N
– Sd2IEC
– Homebrew replacement PSU
– C64 Modem
– 58680 / DeadTest homebrew cartridge (switchable)
– Amiga 500 with RTC / RAM expansion and DF0/DF1 switch
– Cumana external floppy replaced with Gotek running flashfloppy
– 2x joysticks
– 1x hombrew microswitched joystick
– Commodore 1084 monitor

– Atari 400 non-membrane keyboard (homebrew S-video mod)
Atari 1040 ST F fitted with internal Gotek running flashfloppy

UNILAB Three Chip Plus
– Program Loader
– Sound, Motor, LED, Switch and various other input modules
– (missing and desperately want) the actual ‘Three Chip Plus’ board

Other Stuff
– Greaseweazle with 3.5 and 5.25″ drives